Qus:    Is ASP.NET different from ASP? If yes, explain how?
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KRISHNA SWAROOP Oct 28, 2020 05:03
Answer:   Yes, ASP.NET is different from ASP. These are the main differences:
o ASP.NET is developed by Microsoft to create dynamic web applications while ASP (Active Server Pages) is a Microsoft's server side technology use to create web pages.
o ASP.NET is compiled while ASP is interpreted.
o ASP uses the technology named ADO while ASP.NET uses ADO.NET.
o ASP.NET is completely object oriented while ASP is partially object oriented

PARTH Nov 09, 2020 07:48
Answer:   Yes, ASP.NET is different from ASP. Following are the differences -

1) ASP is the interpreted languages. ASP.NET is the compiled language.
2) ASP uses ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) technology to connect and work with databases. ASP.NET uses ADO.NET to connect and work with database.
3) ASP is partially object oriented. ASP.NET is fully object oriented.
4) ASP Pages have the file extension .asp. ASP.NET Pages have the file extension .aspx.
5) ASP doesn’t have the concept of inheritance. ASP.NET inherit the class written in code behind.
6) ASP pages use scripting language. ASP.NET use full fledged programming language.
7) Error handling is very poor in ASP. Error handling is very good in ASP.NET.
8) ASP has maximum four in-built classes i.e. Request, Response, Session and Application. ASP.NET has more than 2000 in-built classes.

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