Qus:    What are the important components of .Net?
Oct 08, 2020 04:53 1 Answers Views: 742 FRAUSKY
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PARTH Oct 08, 2020 08:11
Answer:   There are 4 main components of .Net Framework.

1)CLR(Common Language Runtime)

CLR is a virtual machine component of Microsoft's .NET framework, manages the execution of .NET programs.

2)CTS(Common type system)

In Microsoft's .NET Framework, the CTS is a standard that specifies how type definitions and specific values of types are represented in computer memory.

3)BCL(Base Class Library)

Base class library is collection of various classes from .net frame work, from which all base classes like System.object, System.collection,.

4)CLS(Common Language Specification)

It is a part of the specifications of the .NET Framework. CLS defines a subset of Common Type System (CTS) . CTS and CLS ensures language interoperability.

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