Qus:    Explain State management in ASP .Net
Oct 07, 2020 08:57 2 Answers Views: 760 KRISHNA SWAROOP
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FRAUSKY Oct 08, 2020 04:47
Answer:   State Management means maintaining the state of the object. The object here refers to a web page/control.

There are two types of State management, Client Side, and Server side.

Client-Side – Storing the information in the Page or Client’s System. They are reusable, simple objects.
Server Side – Storing the information on the Server. It is easier to maintain the information on the Server rather than depending on the client for preserving the state.

PARTH Oct 08, 2020 08:09
Answer:   State management means to preserve state of a control, web page, object/data, and user in the application explicitly because all ASP.NET web applications are stateless, i.e., by default, for each page posted to the server, the state of controls is lost.

There are two types of state management techniques: client side and server side.

1) Client side
-Hidden Field
-View State
-Control State
-Query Strings

2) Server side

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