Qus:    How is .net better than Java?
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KRISHNA SWAROOP Apr 20, 2021 11:53
Answer:   Below are the reasons how .NET is better than Java –
• Secure Platform
.NET is monitored by Microsoft’s ASP.NET as a closed platform. Therefore, security-related issues are handled professionally and use the latest technologies. For an open-source language like Java, it is a thing out of reach due to the lack of resources and professional supports. Therefore, frequent updates during runtime can spoil the user experience and annoy many users. .NET doesn’t face such problems.
• Mature Runtime as CLR
Common Language Runtime(CLR) is superior in many technical parameters than JRE or JVM. It is because JVM is a compiler and it simply translates Java Byte Code into comprehensive instruction for or underlying operating systems, not directly for computing machines. Therefore, it is always slow and needs frequent updates for supports of more operating systems. Whereas, it is not the case with CLR of .NET.

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