Qus:    How is .net better than java?
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PARTH Feb 26, 2021 08:06
Answer:   Below are the reasons on how .NET is better than Java-

1. There are multiple versions of the framework that allow me to target non windows, web, and windows.
2. .NET is a better cross platform tool than java.
3. I can target iOS and android.
4. I can build a whole set of web services with web api.
5. I can talk to various databases, like sql server, Oracle, db2, MySQL, etc, so it has the relational part down and I can talk to the nosql products as well.
6. It has specific support in the cloud with amazon and google. Clearly azure works with it.

SWEETY Feb 26, 2021 09:51
Answer:   Below are the reasons on how .NET is better than Java.
• .Net is a secure platform
• It has a mature runtime (CLR)
• Good support of feature rich and mature programming languages (C#)
• A powerful IDE (Visual Studio)

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