Qus:    What is the future of dotnet developers?
Feb 25, 2021 09:29 2 Answers Views: 745 FRAUSKY
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PARTH Feb 26, 2021 08:02
Answer:   The future of .NET is great. The .NET Core is open source and the community is growing rapidly. More and more companies and developers are joining .NET Core community.

RITA Feb 26, 2021 09:50
Answer:   The advancements done by Microsoft into .NET are very purposeful in creating softwares. The invention of MVC architecture and .NET Core have proved to be a breakthrough indeed for the .NET users. Now a days, more companies have started adopting .NET. Naturally, the demand for .NET developers is on the rise in today’s scenario and the coming future. Therefore, .NET has a very bright future for anyone who is aspiring to opt for programming with .NET.

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