Qus:    Update files while the server is running
Feb 09, 2021 10:45 2 Answers Views: 762 KRISHNA SWAROOP
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PARTH Feb 10, 2021 07:14
Answer:   Assuming the files you want to update are located in the application's bin directory, you can just copy the new files into the directory.

ASP.NET makes a "shadow copy" of the files, and loads them from the copy. When you update the files, it creates a new AppDomain to service any new requests, and signals the previous AppDomain to shut down as soon as it has finished servicing any current requests.

TEJA Feb 10, 2021 07:56
Answer:   Components of your application can be updated while the server is online and clients are connected. The framework will use the new files as soon as they are copied to the application. Removed or old files that are still in use are kept in memory until the clients have finished.

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