Qus:    What are the various sorts of treats in ASP.NET?
Jan 25, 2021 14:06 2 Answers Views: 753 DIVYA
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PARTH Jan 27, 2021 04:54
Answer:   C# supports two types of threads which are as follows :

1. Foreground Thread - A thread which keeps on running to complete its work even if the Main thread leaves its process.
2. Background Thread - A thread which leaves its process when the Main method leaves its process.

NAIDU Jan 27, 2021 07:00
Answer:   Session Cookie – Resides on the customer machine for a solitary session until the client does not log out.
Tenacious Cookie – Resides on a client’s machine for a period indicated for its expiry, for example, 10 days, one month, and never.

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