Qus:    Rundown the major inherent articles in ASP.NET?
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PADMAKEECHU Jan 18, 2021 08:21
Answer:   • Application
• Request
• Response
• Server
• Session
• Context
• Trace

PARTH Jan 18, 2021 08:45
Answer:   Following are some of the major inherent articles in ASP.NET-

1. Configuration In ASP.NET Core
2. Creating Simple Cascading DropDownList In ASP.NET Core MVC With New Tag Helpers
3. Onion Architecture In ASP.NET Core MVC
4. How To Connect MySQL With ASP.NET Core
5. Using jQuery DataTables Grid With ASP.NET CORE MVC
6. JWT Authentication In ASP.NET Core
7. ASP.NET Core Working With Cookie
8. Upload/ Download Files In ASP.NET Core 2.0
9. Reading Values From Appsettings.json In ASP.NET Core
10. Generic Repository Pattern In ASP.NET Core

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