Qus:    What is the refinement between the web config and machine config?
Jan 05, 2021 15:18 2 Answers Views: 757 SHIVA
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Answers (2)
PARTH Jan 06, 2021 07:34
Answer:   The web. config files specify configuration settings for a particular web application, and are located in the application's root directory while the machine. config file specifies configuration settings for all of the websites on the web server, and is located in $WINDOWSDIR$\Microsoft.NET\Framework\Version\Config.

DIVYA Jan 06, 2021 08:48
Answer:   The web config record is unequivocal to a web application through a machine config is express to a machine or server. There can be distinctive web config reports into an application however we can have only one machine config record on a server.

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