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PADMAKEECHU Dec 31, 2020 08:37
Answer:   JIT represents Just In Time. JIT is a compiler that changes over Intermediate Language to Native code.
The code is changed over into the Native language during execution. Local code is only equipment determinations that can be perused by the CPU. The local code can be put away with the goal that it is available for ensuing calls.

PARTH Dec 31, 2020 08:52
Answer:   Just-In-Time compiler(JIT) is a part of Common Language Runtime (CLR) in .NET which is responsible for managing the execution of .NET programs regardless of any .NET programming language. A language-specific compiler converts the source code to the intermediate language. This intermediate language is then converted into the machine code by the Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler. This machine code is specific to the computer environment that the JIT compiler runs on.

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