Qus:    What are the significant parts of .Net?
Dec 29, 2020 09:21 2 Answers Views: 719 SHIVA
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Answers (2)
PARTH Dec 30, 2020 08:32
Answer:   Following are the significant parts of .NET -

1. Common Language Runtime (CLR)

2. .NET Framework Class Library

DIVYA Dec 30, 2020 08:50
Answer:   The parts of .Net are Common language run-time, .Net Class library, Application area, Common Type System, .Net structure, Profiling, and so forth. Be that as it may, the two significant parts are the Class library and the Common Language Runtime.
CLR gives building squares to a wide assortment of utilizations. The class library comprises of a lot of classes that are utilized to get to basic usefulness. The usefulness can be shared among various applications.

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