Topic:   save data on the client side in ASP.NET?
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How do I save data on the client side in ASP.NET?

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    You can use following technologies to save data on the client side in ASP.NET –
    • Web Storage: It simply provides a key-value mapping, e.g. localStorage["name"] = username; Unfortunately, present implementations only support string-to-string mappings, so you need to serialize and de-serialize other data structures. You can do so using JSON.stringify() and JSON.parse().
    • Web SQL Database: It gives you all the power and effort of a structured SQL relational database.
    • Indexed Database: It is somewhere in between Web Storage and Web SQL Database. Like Web Storage, it's a straightforward key-value mapping, but it supports indexes like those of relational databases, so searching objects matching a particular field is fast; you don't have to manually iterate through every object in the store.
    • File Access: It is an API for reading file content in JavaScript. Given a set of files the user has added to a "file" input element, you can read the content of the file or reference it as a URL, for example, if the user has specified an image file, you can show the image.

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