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         ASP.NET Web Forms Vs ASP.NET MVC


There is a lot of confusion between the developers on whether to go for Model View Controller (MVC) or Web Forms for developing web applications in ASP.NET technology of Microsoft.

Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, let us compare Web Forms with MVC and find out.


Following are the advantages of using MVC over Web Forms –

  • No storage of state and not using the ViewState keeps the page lighter when compared to Web Forms.
  • MVC provides us with higher level of control towards HTML, JavaScript and CSS which makes the customization and accessibility of the DOM elements simpler.
  • Since MVC has separation between UI and business layers, modification of the application code takes less time.
  • MVC has a shorter page life-cycle, which makes it easy to understand and is less complex when compared to Web Forms.
  • Since MVC provides us with more control over the HTML, developers find it easier in building Ajax applications, and making the application more interactive and responsive to the user.
  • When talking about Test Driven Development (TDD), MVC makes it easier to implement as it does not rely on event handlers which happens in case of Web Forms.
  • Since MVC ensures decoupling of the components and we use interfaces, it makes it easier to test individual components separately.
  • Use of MVC is efficient for building large enterprise applications.



Following are the advantages of using Web Forms over MVC –

  • Web Forms is easy to learn for the developers who are beginners in programming or web development.
  • Web Forms mark an increase in productivity for the developers.
  • One does not need very good knowledge about HTML,DOM, and CSS as most of the things are handled by the controls, we use in the Web Forms.
  • We can retain data between requests because we have an opportunity to use ViewState and maintain the state.
  • It also allows us to reuse the code by creating some user controls and use them again and again in our application.
  • Validation on the controls is done for us automatically for most of the controls.
  • We can integrate many third-party controls which makes it easier for the developer to work and saves time.
  • The feature of dragging and dropping the controls saves the developer’s time and effort in writing the code from scratch.


In general, the choice between the Web Forms and MVC depends upon the requirements of building the application and the resources you have for the same.

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