Dapper vs Entity Framework
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Dapper vs Entity Framework


Dapper is an object relational mapping (ORM) tool provided by Microsoft and is known for its speed. It maps domain model to a relational database. It performs with the same speedas we have a fast retrieval using ADO.NET data reader in your application which we use to fetch the data from ourrelational database. It provides developer with a relief in terms of mapping.

Entity Framework

Entity Framework is an open source object relational mapping framework from Microsoft for ADO.NET.It is usedto perform data access operations in your application. It provides developer with a reliefin terms of writing the data access code that developers usually write if they are not using the entity framework.



Entity Framework

Dapper is faster in relation to speed and provides better performance.

Entity Framework is comparatively slower as compared to Dapper.

Dapper performs less tasks as compared to Entity Framework.

Entity Framework performs more tasks when compared to Dapper.

Dapper is a little bit harder to code for developers when compared to Entity framework because of RAW SQL queries and if there exists a large number of relationships amongst the tables.

Entity Framework is comparatively easier to code.



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