Migrating from ASP.NET to .NET Core
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      Migrating from ASP.NET to .NET Core You can follow below steps when migrating from ASP.NET to .NET Core –

1.Find out the projects you need to migrate to .NET framework 4.7.2 or higher version.

2. Next step is to use Portability Analyzer in your Visual Studio. This tool will analyze all your assemblies and will show the result stating whether these assemblies can be

migrated (compatible) to .NET Core or not (as shown below).  

3. Next step is to install the .NET API analyzer in order to identify the APIs that throw Platform Not Supported Exception on some of the platforms. The step is also needed

to identify other potential compatibility issues present (if any).

4. Then you convert all of your packages.config file dependencies to the PackageReference format with the help of a conversion tool since packages.config is not

compatible with .NET Core.

5. Next, you need to create new projects for .NET Core in Visual Studio and copy your source files because .NET Core uses a simplified project file format as compared to

normal .NET framework.

6. Finally, port your test project and run the code to test the application which has been migrated from ASP.NET to .NET Core.    

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